In the internet today, the identity of an organisation is represented by its domain name. The domain name is the first thing people will see, before they even enter your website. Choose a domain name wisely so that the information is secured and not easily guessed. Selecting a good domain is most likely the single most difficult aspect of creating an online identity, and it seems as if all of the good domain names have already been taken. Though you have a good domain name there are other aspects which you have to be careful with. Protecting such information from identity theft fraud is very important. Domain stealing is increasing these days for identity theft to get easy accessibility of personal details. Protecting a domain name is a challenging task than acquiring one.

In the past hackers would focus on controlling a single computer, or a home network. Now they have the ability to circumvent web hosting security and gain control of entire web hosting companies over night. All the hacker needs to steal your domain name is a bit of tricky task. Many times the hacker will send a fraudulent email that appears to be from your web hosting company, prompting you to renew your domain name. Once you provide the details they require, they login to your hosting account, and then transfer ownership of the domain to themselves, seemingly with your permission. This is just one of the ways hackers can steal your online identity theft fraud. Hackers can also hijack the server that controls your hosting account and assume ownership of many domains in this fashion.

Once the hacker has ownership of domain, he can do whatever he likes with it. They take every possible action to slander your site by defacing it with vulgar images or socially questionable content, before your regain ownership. The hacker could also use your site’s traffic and redirect it to their site, thereby stealing your hard earned customers. The possibilities are literally endless once the hacker has possession of your domain. Sometimes your domain might be hacked by competitors in order to get the information. So, it is very important to regain ownership and prevent domain stealing by organisations. It is very important for fixing the situation immediately because it can actually be a very difficult process to  convince the hosting company that you are indeed the owner of the site, especially if the hacker transferred ownership seemingly with your consent.

You may need to provide a surplus of personal information, and in some cases, you still won’t be able to recover your domain. The best way to keep your online identity is to prevent such an occurrence to begin with. You can protect yourself from domain identity theft fraud by enacting security measures that require your web hosting company to contact you before any changes are made final on your hosting account. Most web hosting companies present the option of receiving or phone notification before changes are made on your account details.